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MILO Ensemble

MILO Ensemble (Musical Instruments Logical Organisation Ensemble) is Kurtis’ latest musical project. The group consists of musicians coming from various continents. World music performed by the band is closely ethno-rooted. Instruments used by the band come from the Middle East, African countries, Mongolia or Indonesia, among others. Each of the musicians making up the group brings a different, unique musical contribution to the multicultural, harmonious mixture that arises from the fusion of these various sounds. The songs contain influences from the music of the Eastern Mediterranean, Polish folk music, West Africa, Tibet and jazz.


At present the band consists of:

  • Milo Kurtis – leader; clarinet, djembe, kalimba, didgeridoo, voice, percussion instruments;
  • Masha Natanson – singing, violin, percussion instruments;
  • Bart Smorągiewicz – saxophones, flutes;
  • Adeb Chamoun – darbuka, riq, bendir, daf, percussion instruments;
  • Mateusz Szemraj – oud, saz, rebab, cymbals;
  • Misza Kinsner – baritone saxophone, singing, saggatas;
  • Jacek Gładkowski – space.

MILO Ensemble was founded in 2015, the first album „Live at PROM Kultury” was released in 2018. During Jazz Jamboree 2020 festival, the band performed with Leszek Możdżer, Wojtek Waglewski and the world-famous British jazz saxophonist – Andy Sheppard.

In March 2022, MILO Ensemble recorded an album with Sephardic Jews’ songs and music featuring guest appearances by: Kayah, Możdżer, Waglewski, and twice nominated for the Grammy Award, the famous American composer and jazz trumpeter – Dave Douglas.


Milo Kurtis

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