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Drum Freaks

The group called Drum Freaks is an open project to which Kurtis invites various musicians from Poland and abroad, including USA, African countries or Greece. Drum Freaks’ music is referred to as “open music” because it is open to all musical influences from different cultures. It is a fusion of ethnic music, jazz, electronic and classical music. Milo Kurtis describes Drum Freaks concerts as “a journey around the brain.”

In 2000 the album “Live” by Drum Freaks featuring David Saucedo Valle, Janusz “Yanina” Iwański, Piotr Iwicki and Włodzimierz Kiniorski was released. Three years later the group (consisting of Milo Kurtis, Wallis Buchanan, Mateusz Pospieszalski, Janusz “Yanina” Iwański) released the album “ƩMYPNH.”


Milo Kurtis

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